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Air Compressors LARGO 200 - 250

The ALUP LARGO 200 - 250 is designed and manufactured to help industries achieve more in their daily operation. Reliable, efficient and easy to operate, the compressor will ensure trouble-free operation while keeping the operating costs at a minimum.

Air Compressors LARGO 200 - 250

Key Benefits:-

  • Superior gearbox driven unit with a combination of the latest generation of screw elements and a high efficiency class IP55 motor
  • Optimized cooling system to reduce the air and oil fluid temperatures to the minimum and avoid heat build-up inside the canopy
  • Easy and safe to service: comprehensive monitoring of the service schedule from the controller, great accessibility to all service parts to reduce maintenance time and cost 
  • Optimal air quality : two-stage air filter preserves the compressor from dust contamination and increases the components lifetime
  • Trouble-free operation fine-tuned to your needs : wide range of functionalities to optimize the compressor use, easy reading of all parameters from a user friendly color display
  • Improved air quality with water separator drain integrated as standard
  • Ensure  constant removal of condensate  even in humid conditions and reduce  installation cost
  • Large scope of options to match any specific requirements like energy recovery option and special oils

With its robust design combining state of the art technology and high quality components, LARGO 200 - 250 will provide  you with reliable operation in any application. The range includes two models : LARGO 200 and LARGO 250, available at different pressure variants and both available as air or water cooled. The graphical interface will provide accurate information to protect, monitor and optimize the compressed air system. Everything has been made to optimize the operating cost of the compressor: a ‘ready-to-use’ solution for low installation cost and the selection of long lifetime components for a minimum service cost.