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Air Compressors LARGO & ALLEGRO 31 - 90

The ALUP LARGO 31 - 90 screw compressors provide high-quality compressed air for a wide range of industrial applications. This range is the result of continuous investment in product development, making it outstanding machines with improved efficiency.

Air Compressors LARGO & ALLEGRO 31 - 90

Key Benefits:-

  • Highly efficient gearbox driven units
  • Modular design ensuring ease of maintenance
  • High quality drive train (gearbox transmission)
  • In-house designed elements and oil separator vessel
  • Highly efficient radial fan
  • Standard enclosed intake filter
  • Solid inlet baffle
  • Innovative canopy
  • Integrated inverter
  • State-of-the-art controllers
  • Same motor manufacturer for all models
  • Separate oversized coolers
  • Improved motor cooling

In the LARGO 31 - 90 range you can find the right compressor model to match your precise requirements. With models available from 30 - 90 kW, an output suited to your needs can easily be achieved. The range consists of both load/unload (LARGO 31 - 90) and frequency-driven (ALLEGRO 31 - 90) variants  which offer performance even under the hardest conditions. To optimize your LARGO 31 - 90 to your needs there are several options available, such as an in-house engineered integrated dryer, an integrated water separator or an integrated energy recovery system. 
With the ALUP LARGO 31 - 90 and ALLEGRO 31 - 90 you can get all these advantages in just one package. This is the high quality range where performance meets reliability