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Oil Free Compressors

Oil Free Compressors

Key Benefits:-

  1. Air end
    • Single-stage, water-injected
    • Bronze alloy stator 
    • Polimerized ceramic rotors 
    • Lowest final compression temperatures, lower than 60° 
  2. Motor
    • Highly efficient drive motor
    • Protection class IP 55 class F
    • Compact
    • Powerful
    • Reliable
  3. Plus version with integrated refrigerant dryer 
    • Provides dry compressed air at the input to the compressed air network
  4. Total water quality
    • Reverse Osmosis system integrated
    • Generates water from a standard mains supply
    • Reverse Osmosis water protects the unit and avoids bacteria growth 
  5. Direct drive
    • Highly effective power transmission
    • Optimum performance
  6. SCD frequency converter
    • Fully integrated system; of course, it complies with EMC guidelines
  7. Air Control
    • It is the "brain" of the compressor. It thinks, monitors and documents