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Air Compressors SCK 41-100

A range of highly efficient air compressors for industrial use that combines quality with reliability

Air Compressors SCK 41-100

Key Benefits:-

  • Minimal noise levels (65-68 dB) and the small footprint offer freedom of installation
  • Highly efficient V drive belt with hardly any transmission power loss
  • A high-efficiency air compression with a rotary screw assembly without metal to metal contact
  • Air end with an oil flooded asymmetrical screw type element offers proven reliability and efficiency
  • Electro-pneumatic controller for easy control
  • Very maintenance and service friendly design with a front opening door
  • Highly efficient pre-separation results in optimum life time of the oil separator cartridge
  • Automatic silent and energy-saving condensation discharge releases only water

The SCK 41 - 100 range offers a comprehensive selection of air-cooled compressors, which come floor or tank mounted, with or without a dryer, allowing for a wide variety of applications. With their highly efficient rotary screw assembly combined with a high-performance V drive belt, these air-cooled compressors set new standards in their power class with regards to quality and durability, as well as user comfort and service lifespan. In brief, one by one, compressors that offer proven technology of the highest standard designed for industrial use.